Dark Mask New Blogger!


Hello Weevils!

My name is Mask currently known as Ski. I am looking forward to blogging on this Bin-Tastic Blog! I have all 8 rooms and there all decorated. I have a BinPet called Ronaldo, who is nearly fully trained. I will try to do 3-4 posts this week.

I have super ultra deluxe garden to keep leveling up on speaking of which i am level 45!

Happy Weeviling

Dark Mask (aca Skionbinweevils

Famous Weevils Spotted At Dosh Palace

Hey Weevils!

Well, I Was at dosh palace to see the new Dosh Palace and then i just saw James Bip And gene!




So Then as i was talking to gene, Scribbles Came!





So It was surprising!. it was my first time to see scribbles!. It was Bin-Awesome.


I Didnt have time to take the real picture when i didn’t Ignore him so i ignore him but then when i click him again he went like this picture. Well It was bin-tactic!



Bin Weevils Weekly Welcomes Doshy

Hello Weevils!

Hello my name is Doshy and i am the owner of this Bin-Brilliant Blog. This blog was Made today and it will be a very Bin-awesome blog. We have got lots of stuff just for you. we have got an xat chat so you can talk to your bin-buddies! i have been blogging on word press for 1 year now and i’m am getting better! Here is an picture of me:



Here are some Facts about me:

1. Do i like blogging? = yes i do!

2. Do i go on Bin Weevils? – Yes everyday to see my Bin-Awesome Fans.

3. Do i have any brothers and sisters? = Yes i got 4 brothers and 1 sister!

4. Do i have any cousins? = Well yes i do , Hayat3581 is one of them.

5 Do i blog everyday? = Yes i do!

Thats some facts about me and i have been on Bin Weevils for 5 years and the old bin is a lot better than the new one. I Have been editor and authors on some blogs and they all enjoy my post. I Hope You enjoy my post.

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